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Welcome to Swirl + Sparkle!
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Spooky Collection #02: Horror Lovers

Spooky Collection #02: Horror Lovers

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Swirl and Sparkle presents: 15 Days of Halloween: a Spooky Collection

Day #02: Horror Lovers

Vegan Pearl Trio Set {2.75 total ounces $19.99}

💋: Past v. Present {1.5 ounce, scented in Pumpkin Bliss}
☠️: Touch of Death {.75 ounce, scented in Bourbon + Brown Sugar}
👻: Ghost Face Killer {.50 ounce, scented in Caramel Apple Butter)

BONUS: Mister Spritzer hand sanitizer, {4ml scented in Toasted Marshmallow}

Small batch + limited edition = ONLY 10 available

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