Welcome to Swirl + Sparkle!
Welcome to Swirl + Sparkle!
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Mister Spritzer - 2 ounce Plastic container

Mister Spritzer - 2 ounce Plastic container

Regular price $12.99 Sale price $64.95 Unit price per

2 ounce of Swirl + Sparkle-esque magic packaged in a fun domed plastic bottle.  Swirl and Shake her up, and watch her Shimmer!  

1 for $12.99

2 for $19.99 ($9.99/each)

Buy 2, get 1 free for 3 for $25 ($8.33/each)


Your choice of 5 scents:

* Pumpkin Bliss

* Caramel Apple Butter

* Spiced Apples + Peaches

* Toasted Marshmallow

* Coconut Mandarin

Our vegan, all-natural and cruelty-free formula is in accordance to WHO and FDC recommendations.

Ingredients: 80% alcohol, purified water, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and fragrance.


Point. Spray.
Keep them Germs Away.

Spray, Spray!
Keep the Bitch Rona at Bay.

Sanitize Ya Mask + Moisturize Ya Hands.

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